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Search Tips:

AND operator

To locate results containing multiple search terms, simply enter the word or use the AND boolean. (In either case, the words may be found in any order and when searching across all fields, may not be present in the same field):

hot dog
hot and dog

OR operator

To locate results containing any of your search terms, use the OR operator:

hot or dog

Negative operator

To exclude a word from the search results, add a minus sign in front of the word:

hot -dog


To find a phrase, use quotes around the words (all words must be found together and in order)

"hot dog"

Partial match

When entering search terms, the whole word is required and partial word matches are not automatically found (for example, searching the word 'tree' would not return results with the word 'trees'). To find a partial word match, you must add an asterisk to the word. Askerisk may only be used to conclude a word:


Searching by filenames

Filenames are treated differently than other fields. When searching for a filename across all fields, you may either enter the whole filename including the extension or the filename without the extension to locate the file. However, when searching within the filename field, the exact filename is not required and partial word matches are also returned in the results.

Meta-data fields

When searching across all fields, your search terms may be present in any meta-data fields within the results. When searching within a specific field, search terms must be present in the selected field only.

Power Search

When searching across multiple criteria on the Power Search page, an AND operator is implied:

Search terms = hot dog
Orientation = vertical

In the above example, only images with the terms hot and dog and with the orientation vertical will be returned.

Keyword list

A keyword list may be provided on the Power Search page. When selecting multiple terms from the keyword list, an OR operator is implied. For instance, selecting the keywords tree, apple, and dog will return results that include ANY of these terms.
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